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Reliable Boston Carpet Cleaners in Revere, Cambridge and Quincy MA

Our Boston Carpet Cleaners are personally acquainted with the carpet upholstery cleaning job and are able to determine the best set of tools, products and cleaning methods for your carpets and upholstery needs in Revere, Cambridge and Quincy Massachusetts.

What Boston Carpet Cleaners Do:

First of all, to make your carpet cleaner Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Boston specialists examine the material the carpet padding is made of (wool, synthetic or handmade) because some of these materials can shrink during the dry carpet cleaning.

Next, our carpet cleaners Boston MA determine which carpet cleaning method is suitable for your carpeting: carpet shampooing, dry carpet cleaning or hot water extraction (carpet steam cleaning).

Typically, deep carpet cleaning that necessitates professional carpet cleaning machines and similar automated tools is being performed by our Boston carpet cleaners no more than once a month. Thanks to the application of powerful yet environment friendly carpet cleaning supplies, dirt and dust do not stand a chance to be left on the carpet surface or inside your lungs.

Carpet Cleaning Machines - Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Boston carpet cleaners recommend carrying out dry carpet cleaning using industrial vacuum cleaners. These devices are ten times more expensive than the most powerful household vacuum cleaner, but their cleaning abilities will certainly pay back the investment. If you are not interested in buying such expensive piece of equipment, you can rent it or you can book our carpet cleaning services instead.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are able to remove the dust not only from the carpet threads, but also from the very foundation of the carpet. Daily vacuuming is preferable; otherwise solid dust particles will concentrate on the carpet surface and sabotage its foundation. Consequently, you will breathe the dust particles accumulated in your carpet.

Green Carpet Cleaners

Professional carpet cleaning is not feasible without special cleaning agents. Cleaning carpets with green carpet cleaners that do not pose a threat to human health is what Boston carpet cleaners do best.

  • Specialized carpet shampoo, the courtesy of Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Boston, prevents dry dirt to stick on to the carpet fibers.
  • Neutral pH carpet shampooer designed specifically to clean wool carpet, washes it so tenderly, as if it is made of silk.
  • Enzyme carpet cleaner eliminates all stains of organic origin - our experts just have to spray the carpet with it, brush the stained area and rinse the residue with portable heated carpet extractor.

Boston carpet cleaners offer a rich assortment of cleaning solutions other than carpet & upholstery cleaning in Revere, Cambridge and Quincy Massachusetts. See Carpet Cleaning Boston home page to find out more.

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